Write a short note on the ecological pyramids of ecosystem?

The ecological pyramid is defined as a graphic presentation of the ecological functions like the number of individuals in the various trophic levels. The producers form the base and the carnivore occurs at the top of food chain. These were developed by the Charles Elton. It was formed in the year 1927. They are also known as the Eltonian pyramids. The different organisms in the pyramid are present in the sequence wise and include the producers at the base which are followed by the herbivore. These are followed by the primary carnivore with the lion at the top. There are different ecological pyramids which are known. They can be upright which means that the base is larger in size and it decreases as we move upwards. They can be inverted also which means that the base is smaller in size and it increases as we move upwards. It can be spindle shape which means that the base is thin along with the top but the middle part is broad. The pyramids deals with the number of individuals, amount of biomass and energy.

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