What is space wave propagation?

The radio waves having high frequencies are basically called as space waves. These waves have the ability to propagate through atmosphere, from transmitter antenna to receiver antenna. These waves can travel directly or can travel after reflecting from earth’s surface to the troposphere surface of earth. So, it is also called as Tropospherical Propagation. In the diagram of medium wave propagation, c shows the space wave propagation. Basically the technique of space wave propagation is used in bands having very high frequencies. E.g. V.H.F. band, U.H.F band etc. At such higher frequencies the other wave propagation techniques like sky wave propagation, ground wave propagation can’t work. Only space wave propagation is left which can handle frequency waves of higher frequencies. The other name of space wave propagation is line of sight propagation. There are some limitations of space wave propagation.

1. These waves are limited to the curvature of the earth.
2. These waves have line of sight propagation, means their propagation is along the line of sight distance.

The line of sight distance is that exact distance at which both the sender and receiver antenna are in sight of each other. So, from the above line it is clear that if we want to increase the transmission distance then this can be done by simply extending the heights of both the sender as well as the receiver antenna. This type of propagation is used basically in radar and television communication.

The frequency range for television signals is nearly 80 to 200MHz. These waves are not reflected by the ionosphere of the earth. The property of following the earth’s curvature is also missing in these waves. So, for the propagation of television signal, geostationary satellites are used. The satellites complete the task of reflecting television signals towards earth. If we need greater transmission then we have to build extremely tall antennas.
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