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Explain the organism and environment of this planet in relation to the ecology?

The ecology is defined as a branch of biology which deals with almost all aspects of organism and is concerned about its interactions with the environment. Reiter was the first one to use the term ecology. Reiter was also supported by Haeckel. It includes distribution, structure etc. The word ecology is derived from the word eco which means a place to live and logos means the study. The life exists on earth. This is supported by the unique environment of earth. It is very difficult for the organism to live alone. The word environment means surroundings. It includes the living as well as non living material. It does not become the intrinsic component and has a great influence on the organism. The environment has different constituents known as the ecological factors. They are also known as environmental factors. They can be biotic or abiotic. The interaction of living beings with the organism leads to biotic environment. The abiotiĀ² environment is composed of energy, water, wind and temperature etc. The environment provides all the basic needs of life. The living beings have a great influence over the environment.
The environment of the earth is never static. It keeps on changing with each and every day. As the environment has change so is the flora and fauna on earth. This change has lead to evolution. This evolution is of biological type. All the organisms are related to each other somehow. There is a study of fossils which shows that the organisms which were dominant at one point of time are no longer on this planet. The lost forms cannot be created again. After knowing the evolution cycle we can predict the future of organisms. These ecological events never occur alone. So, the environment must be conserved.
Human race is the most dominant race on this planet. There are nearly 2 million species on this planet. The human beings have a brain power to learn the things and understand it. They are a very good learner and have a great ability to speak. The resources available on this earth are used by humans for their uses. So the resources have started declining. The forest cover in our country has reduced to less than 10 percent. It includes the natural forests only. The man made forests have compensated this cover. The man made forests cover around 18 percent of the area. This has been due to the overgrowth of the population and cutting of the forests. More is the population and more is the requirement of houses and we need more industries too. There is a need of more food, cloth and shelter. We also need more jobs. The domestic animals like sheep and goat needs more of grass for survival. It leads to soil erosion. One also needs the transport, communication and aesthetic pleasure. So, the needs of human beings have created a world of imbalance in this planet.
Human activities have polluted water, land and soil. Thus, with the passing time earth has become unfit for healthy life. This can lead to mass extinctions with the changes in the climate. Man must consider as an integral component of this biosphere. They should not consider themselves as a ruler of this biosphere. They cannot modify the basic necessities of organism like food and shelter. So, the environment of earth is must for the survival of organisms. A special emphasis must be laid to preserve the environment and one should be able to live here for a long time.