What are the boundaries of ecosystem?

The ecosystem does not occur alone. They are always in contact with the adjacent ecosystems. Their boundaries are not well defined and they may overlap. There are certain areas where their boundaries are well defined it includes the pond and land ecosystems. They have some common organisms which includes the birds. There is an exchange of inorganic nutrients between them. There are certain birds like Siberian cranes which visit the Bharatpur sanctuary in Rajasthan in the winter season. The element phosphorous which is present in the sea is brought to land by the sea birds. The Himalayas also have this element phosphorous and is brought to the land by the help of certain rivers like Ganges, Brahmaputra and Yamuna. The boundaries of ecosystem do overlap and this overlapping area is known as the transition zone. The transition zone is also known as the ecotone. It can be wide or narrow. It can be wide in the cases of taiga forests, temperate deciduous forests and evergreen chapparal forests. The tropical rain forest and savannah along with the grasslands are also included under it. These areas have the plants and animals of both the ecosystems.

Important tips of ecosystem
The limnology is defined as the study of lakes. The epilimnion is defined as the upper layer of warm water which occurs in the stratified lake. The hypolimnion is defined as the lower layer of cold dense water which occurs in the stratified lake. There are different types of lakes which are present in the ecosystem. They can be eutrophic, oligotrophic and dystrophic. The eutrophic lakes are rich in the biota and show a good cycling of nutrients. The oligotrophic lakes are not rich in the biota and show a poor cycling of nutrients. The endemics are defined as the distribution of plants in a specific area. The dystrophic lakes do not allow the plants and animals to grow and have nutrients. The canopy is defined as the part of forest which is formed by the trees. The alpine is defined as the region above the altitude of the present vegetation. The Gujarat state of our country has the largest number of salt lakes.

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