How energy flows in ecosystem?

The energy flow in the ecosystem is unidirectional. Sun is the main source of energy. The amount of energy received differs in amount as it depends upon the slope, cloud, latitude and pollutants present in the atmosphere. The energy received in the Varanasi of India is three times more than the energy received in the Britain. Some part of the energy is used by the producers. The rest is dissipated. The efficiency to conserve energy is around 1 percent in the grasslands and savannah. It is also similar in the mixed forests. It is higher in the modern crops and sugarcane field. It ranges from the 5 to 10 percent. The autotrophs are also known as the producers. They make the food by the process of photosynthesis from the inorganic materials. They not only make their food but also for the other organisms. They absorb the energy from sun and convert into the chemical energy. They release oxygen. The organic compounds release energy during respiration. The organic compounds which are formed play an important role in the building of bodies and help in the release of energy which helps to overcome the entropy. The energy is dissipated as a heat. There are herbivorous which feed on the plants. They are not able to eat the whole of plant. There is a non usage of food energy which passes into the decomposers. The phytoplankton in the aquatic food chain is mainly eaten by the herbivore. The herbivores act on the ingested food which gets aggregated. It releases the energy later on and helps in the respiration. The energy lost in this case is not much and the remaining is used to overcome the entropy. The fraction of assimilated food is used for the body building. The primary carnivore feed on the herbivore which is feeded by the secondary carnivore. In the food chain when the food is broken energy is released. The small part of energy is utilized and so the rest of energy is dissipated. The energy transfer from the one trophic level to the other decreases in the amount.

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