Write a short note on the recycling of materials of biosphere

The recycling of materials is also known as the cycles of matter. It is also referred as a biogeochemical cycle. There are nearly 100 elements which are present on our planet. A less than 20 elements play a vital role in the formation of living matter. This is also known as the protoplasm. These elements are referred as the essential nutrients. The earth is an important source for these elements. These are required by the living organisms to build their body and to show the metabolism. These are known as the biogeochemical. All the subdivisions of biosphere help to make these elements. They may occur in the form of compounds. As the earth is a closed system for materials the supply of nutrients is limited. The amount of living matter which is present in all the organisms is much more than the total weight of our planet. This is feasible as these nutrients are not bound permanently and are released when the organism dies. This comes back into the non living world. The circulation of nutrients between the living and non living world is known as the cycles of matter. The nutrients are not present always and they keep on changing. They occur mainly in two forms that are as reservoir pool and the cycling pool. The reservoir pool is defined as the reservoir of nutrients which get transfer to the cyclic pool. They include phosphates and the nitrogen gas. The cyclic pool is defined as the cyclic of nutrients between living and non living components of the biosphere.

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