What is Optical Communication?

It is a system in which we use the optical range of frequencies to send or receive the information to distant place from one point to another.

During the last ten years, lots of advancements were achieved in communication sector. Video communication is also becoming popular. Other communications like voice and data communication are also increasing. As a result a technical revolution has come to this industry.

It is calculated that bandwidth is directly proportional to the strength of information carrying of a communication system. If we will increase the bandwidth then the information carrying capacity will also increase. Bandwidth of a system is also related to the carrier frequency. The value of the bandwidth is nearly 10% of the value of the carrier frequency. Suppose a radio system having VHF band has a carrier frequency of 100 MHz then the bandwidth will be 10 MHz.

If we talk about GHz then the system having carrier frequency of 6 GHz will have a bandwidth of nearly 0.6 GHz. So, a new direct relationship is also formed between bandwidth and frequency. As the frequency will be increased bandwidth will also increase.

Category: Principles of Communication

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