Explain the Properties of the Crystalline and Amorphous Solids?

Properties of crystalline solids:
1. These solids have a particular three dimensional geometrical structure.

2. The arrangement order of the ions in crystalline solids is of long order.

3. The strength of all the bonds between different ions, molecules and atoms is equal.

4. Melting point of crystalline solids is extremely sharp. Mainly the reason is that the heating breaks the bonds at the same time.

5. The physical properties like thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, refractive index and mechanical strength of crystalline solids are different along different directions.

6. These solids are the most stable solids as compared to other solids.

Properties of Amorphous solids:

1. The strength of different bonds is different in amorphous solids.

2. There is no regularity in the external structure of amorphous solids.

3. On the other hand, amorphous solids don’t have sharp melting point. This is due to the variable strength of bonds present between the molecules, ions or atoms. So, bonds having low strength on heating break at once. But the strong bonds take some time to break. This is the reason that the amorphous solids don’t have sharp melting points.

4. Amorphous solids are isotropic in nature. Isotropic means that in all the directions their physical properties will remain same.

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