What Is Pinocytic Reproduction?

This type of reproduction occurs in plant and animal viruses. For Example, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Herpes Virus etc. These viruses act chemically. Attachment and Penetration are their main methods of action. In this the viral genome replicates. The replication of viral genome occurs mainly by these methods:

RNA-RNA Viruses:
In this RNA form more RNA genomes with the help of enzyme Replicase. In this case there is no DNA formation. It leads to formation of messenger RNA which forms protein.

This type of process is most common in HIV. In this viral genome cannot divide inside the host cell. In this case if DNA gives rise to RNA it is known as Transcription. If it happens the other way round that is RNA gives rise to DNA it is known as Reverse Transcription. The enzyme which plays an important role in this process is known as Reverse Transcriptase. When RNA forms protein this process is known as Translation.

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