What is the conservation of soil?

There are many factors which play a role in the conversation of soil. In order to conserve the soil the top most layers must be preserved. It is the ideal layer for the growth of plants. The fertility of the soil must be restored. It occurs by the fixation of nitrogen, green manure, adding the manures and fertilizers, extracting the minerals from decomposed roots and leaves along with the use of animal excreta. The minerals have the ability to pass to the soil via rain. The soil erosion must be prevented. It occurs by the wind and water. The erosion is prevented by the crop rotation, mulching which leads to decrease in the evaporation and increase in the absorption, presence of suitable outlet channels which can carry the water, sowing of certain crops which check the erosion and include the grasses, groundnut, pulses and berseem. The planting of tress also checks the erosion. The control on grazing and the terracing of lands which decrease the speed of water also keeps a check on the erosion. The contour bunding has an ability to hold the rain water and control erosion.

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