What Is Pollution?

When the earth came into the existence the pollutants were very few. The amount of pollution has increased due to the increase in population and decrease in the natural resources. Their rates have increased many folds and have an adverse effect on the human health. It also leads to the financial losses. Basically pollution is defined as an unwanted change in the environment which involves the physical, biological and chemical changes involving air, water and land which affects the human life in one way or the other. It also affects the natural resources, living conditions and the cultural aspects of the humans. It can be natural or manmade. The natural pollution comes from the natural gas, volcano eruptions, soil erosions and cosmic rays. The natural pollution is less in concentration as compared to the manmade pollution. In the contamination there occur harmful organisms which cause the disease.

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  3. vasha singh says:

    I think that pollution is a big problem in Trinidad and there are only four words I am going to say and those are “Keep your country clean”.

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