What Is Brown Algae?

Brown algae are also known as phaeophyta. It is basically marine in its habitat. They have no unicellular forms and their body is differentiated into different parts. The largest algae belong to brown algae which are known as Kelps. They have air vesicles to provide buoyancy. Hold fasts keep them stable in their position. Brown algae are most commonly found in North Atlantic Ocean which is known as Sargasso Sea. Their structure may be filamentous or parenchymatous. Cell wall is made up of phycocolloids. The common phycocolloids are alginic acid, fucoidin and fucin. These are non sulphated mucosaccharides. Phycocolloids prevent the bacteria from extreme circumstances. Chromatophores are the photosynthetic organelle. Their photosynthetic pigments are chlorophyll, carotenoids and phycobilins.

Category: Plant

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