Explain the changes in biotic community?

The changes in the biotic community are also known as the biotic succession. It is also known as the ecological succession. It is defined as the development of series which occurs naturally at the same site until a climax community is formed. The climax community has a perfect harmony with the environment. The biotic, geographical and physio chemical factors play a vital role in the changes which occur in biotic community. The pioneer community is the first community which develops on the barren land. It shows almost no diversity. This community takes a very long time to change the environment for the next community. The stable and the last community to develop at the end of biotic succession is known as the climax community. It shows the maximum diversity. The seral communities include the different communities which develop in the biotic succession. They are also known as the transitional communities. The entire stages of communities from the pioneer to climax are known as a sere. The different stages are referred as a xerosere. It is divided into the lithosere and psammosere. The lithosere consists of the different stages which are present on the rocks. The psammosere consists of the different stages which are present on the sand. The hydrosere consists of the different stages which are present on the water. This type of succession is known as the hydrarch succession. It has the short lived plants which may be small or large. Their biotic community can be stable or unstable. The degree of diversity can be high or low. They increase the biomass and show soil differentiation. They have high humus content and show niche specialization. Their food webs can be simple or complex. The conditions can be aquatic or dry.

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