Explain The Reproduction Phase in Kingdom Fungi?

Reproduction in fungi includes sexual as well as asexual methods of reproduction. Along with this there are vegetative methods of reproduction. Sexual reproduction involves fusion of two gametes. It is absent in artificial group called as fungi imperfecti. Homothallic and heterothallic are different types of fungi depending upon the method of sexual reproduction. The mates who are genetically similar are involved in homothallic type. While two genetically different mates are involved in heterothallic type, these processes involve fusion of nuclei as well as cytoplasm known as karyogamy and plasmogamy respectively. A dikaryon cell that is the cell with two nuclei is present in the intermediate phase between plasmogamy and karyogamy. There is decrease in sexuality with the progressive increase in class of fungi.

Sexual reproduction occurs by planogametic copulation, gametangial contact and copulation, spermatogamy and somatogamy.
In planogametic copulation gametes are with the flagella. They differentiate and fuse. The fusion may be isogamous or heterogamous which involve similar and dissimilar gametes. In gametangial contact male and female sex organs are involved. They are antheridia and oogonia respectively. However in copulation type the gametes fuse and form zygospore. In spermatogamy male cell is carried to the female sex organ. Somatogamy involves fusion of hyphae.

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