What are Manmade Ecosystem?

These are the artificial ecosystems which rely on the human efforts to sustain. They do not possess a self regulating mechanism. They have almost no diversity and have simple food webs. The cycling of nutrients is negligible. The inputs are provided by the human efforts. The man made ecosystems include the villages, towns, cities, rivers, orchids, dams, gardens, lakes and agriculture. The agriculture consists of the animal husbandry and the production of crops. The agriculture is the first manmade ecosystem which occurred with the increase in human population. There is a difficulty in procuring food. As the human beings discovered fire they also used to domesticate animals and invented an artificial ecosystem for them. The areas where they raised crops are known as the agro ecosystem. This system was temporary in nature and was formed by cutting down the forests. The land was cultivated for some years and was then left out. In the recent times they have become permanent in nature and it is impossible for them to survive alone. The feeding of domestic animals occurs on the pasture land. The pasture land is also known as the pastoral land. The crop lands and pastoral lands are the essential grasslands. They are formed by clearing the grasslands. The forests are also cleared. The agro ecology is defined as the study of relationship among the agriculture crops and the surrounding environment including the animals. They are not static and keep on changing with the multiple factors. They can be latitude, altitude, topography and edaphic factors. The cereals, pulses, seeds and the vegetables are the main crops. These differ from one are to the other area. They depend upon the choice of farmers and the climate of that particular area. They form the richest biotic community. The organisms included are the weed, pests, earthworms, rodents, birds and domestic animals. They have common features among themselves. They are made by man and are artificial and without any self regulatory mechanism. The circulation of nutrients is negligible and its stability depends upon the diversity. The croplands are monoculture and lack diversity. There is a usage of technology to increase the quality of crops. The occurrence of drought makes these crops vulnerable like the Irish and Bengal famine. They are also affected by the pests, pathogens and disease. They can be aerated and irrigated. The biogenetic nutrients are provided in the form of fertilizers. They lead to land and water pollution. The weeds and pathogens are treated with the use of chemicals. These are very harmful to the human beings and to the living beings. The plants can also be modified genetically. These modified forms give rise to high yields and their productivity is many times more than the natural ecosystem. They do not allow the biomass to accumulate. This occurs due to the process of reaping. The stubbles are not left now days. The soils are kept healthy with the use of manures.

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    Great idea’… needs too much info. I think thats s basic idea’s………….
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