Write a short note on the fossil fuels?

The fossil fuels include the coal, petroleum and natural gases. They play a vital role as a source of energy. The oil resources are limited and have a great demand. This is due to the increase in population and increase in demand of automobiles. There are more coal reserves than the petroleum reserves. The coal is produced by the India, America, Japan, Poland, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Libya etc. The Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, j and k, and Andhra Pradesh in India are the main reserves of coal. The new oil reserves have been detected in the Bombay high recently. The per capita consumption of energy is different in the different countries. The highest per capita consumption of energy is in America. But it covers around 6 percent of the world population. The lowest per capita consumption of energy is in India and it covers around 15 percent of the world population. This data was taken in the early 1970s. The coal produces energy and so its production is very important. The coal can be changed into the oil and methane gas. The gas is more suitable as it produces less pollution. The coal deposits also have sulphur. When it is burnt it forms a large amount of sulphur which causes an adverse effect on the environment. It causes air pollution. In the modern technology they are an important source of energy. Their use is multipurpose in the agriculture, automobiles, industries and engines etc. The petroleum products are also formed by them.

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