What is Cable System?

Cable system is basically a collection of no of co-axial lines enclosed together in a tube or pipe. This cable system also consists of other useful things, along with the repeaters. In the figure below, those cables which are separated by a certain distance from other cables are used for transmissions. The other pair which is left untouched is used for backup in case of any cable failure. The maximum no of cables that this system can handle are 22.

Some smaller systems are also available. In those systems the minimum no of cables used are 4. Each cable consists of different no of channels. L-5 systems also use co-axial cables. These cables have the capacity to support nearly 10800 two way telephone conversations. We mostly use coaxial cables instead of other wires because these cables support greater bandwidth. In this the energy losses are very less as compared to the other wires.

Category: Principles of Communication

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