What are Polar and Non Polar Dielectrics?

Those materials which have the ability to transfer the electric effects without conducting. Dielectrics exists basically in two types.

1. Polar Dielectrics
2. Non polar Dielectrics

Polar Dielectrics: Polar dielectrics are those in which the possibility of center coinciding of the positive as well as negative charge is almost zero i.e. they don’t coincide with each other. The reason behind this is their shape. They all are of asymmetric shape. Some of the examples of the polar dielectrics is NH3, HCL, water etc.

Non Polar dielectrics: In case of non polar dielectrics the centres of both positive as well as negative charges coincide. Dipole moment of each molecule in non polar system is zero. All those molecules which belong to this category are symmetric in nature. Examples of non polar dielectrics are: methane , benzene etc.

Category: Electrostatics

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