How the ionic products are formed in the Radiolysis of Water Vapour?

Formation of ionic products: During Radiolysis of Water Vapour, some of the ionic products which are produced are as follows:

γ + H2O ——> H2O* ——> H2O+ + 2e——>e + H2O ——>H+ + •OH + 2e

H2O+ + 2e
e + H2O ——> OH+ + •H + 2e
H2O+ + 2e
e + H2O——> O+ + H2 + 2e
H2O+ + H2O——>H3O+ + •OH

The electrons produced in above equations either recombine with positive ions or solvated as illustrated below:

e + H2O——> e (aq)
Mass Spectrometer can be used to detect the ionic products which are formed.

In Radiolysis of Water Vapour the main ionic product is H2O+.

Category: Nuclear And Radiation Chemistry

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