How the free radicals and molecular products are formed in the Radiolysis of Water Vapour?

Formation of free radicals:
The ionic products which are formed during Radiolysis of Water Vapour are very reactive. So they get recombined to form free radicals. The formation of free radicals is discussed below:

H2O+ + e——> •OH + •H
H+ + H2O + e——>H3O+ + e——> 2H• + •OH
OH+ + H2O + e——> •H + 2 •OH

In the presence of dissolved air or oxygen, a radical known as Per-hydroxyl Radical i.e. •HO2 is also formed:

•H + O2——> •HO2

Formation of molecular products:
The free radicals which are produced above are highly reactive. They get recombine with themselves and forms stable molecular products:

•H + •OH ——> H2O

•H + •H ——> H2

•OH + •OH——> H2O2

•OH + •HO2——> H2O + O2

•HO2 + •HO2——>H2O2 + O2

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