What is Half Life Period?

Half Life Period is defined as the time taken for half of the reaction to be completed i.e. the time in which the concentration of a reactant is reduced to half of its original value is called Half Life Period of the reaction.
General expression for half life period of a reaction of nth order will be as follows:

For zero order, t1/2 α [A0]
For 1st order, t1/2 α [A0] 0
Similarly for 2nd order, t1/2 α [A0] -1 and so on
In general, for a reaction of nth order:
t1/2 α [A0] 1-n
t1/2 α 1/ [A0] n- 1

Category: Chemical Kinetics

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  1. khin moh moh tin says:

    Half life period of radioactive substance :

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