What is the importance of hydrogen bonding in sustaining life?

Water is the best example of hydrogen bonding. We all know that how much water is important in our life. So hydrogen bonding is very important for sustaining life. Water is recognized as a natural solvent. Because without hydrogen bond water would not be formed. Hence hydrogen bonding is essential for sustaining life. Some of the important role of hydrogen bond is given below:

1. It is helpful in making wood fibers more rigid and hence for making wood article like furniture.

2. It is used to determine the structure of various substances like protein.

3. Most of our food consists hydrogen bonding like carbohydrates, sugar.

4. The fact that ice is less dense than liquid water is due to a crystal structure stabilized by hydrogen bonds.

5. High water solubility of many compounds such as ammonia is explained by hydrogen bonding with water molecules.

Category: Chemical Bonding

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