What were the objections to the Bohr model of atom?

Though the Bohr and sommerfeld were able to explain the atomic spectra of hydrogen and like species but still there were many  anomalies to their theory. Both Bohr’s theory and sommerfeld’s extension to Bohr model were not able explain the spectra of species with more than one electron. But that was not a major one. The main objection to their theory was made by two theories; Louise de Broglie’s dual nature of particle and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Broglie stated that electron just like light exhibits a dual character; one particle nature and other wave nature. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle stated that it is not possible to simultaneously determine the momentum and exact position of a small and a moving particle like electron. On the other side, Bohr gave the theory of fixed orbits, which was contradictory to Heisenberg’s theory.  Also, Bohr considered an electron as a particle which contradicted de Broglie’s theory.

Category: Atomic Structure and Wave Mechanics

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