What are ocean water resources?

These are also known as the marine resources. The oceans cover around 70 percent of the earth surface. The oceans are still unexplored and they have large resources. The land have limited resources. They are a source of fishes and other edible organisms. In the world 70 million tons of fish is caught and India accounts for only 1.2 million tons. India has a very long coastline. There are many brown alga and red weeds found in the sea. They are edible and are used in the different countries as a food. It includes the Japan, China and America. The algae are source of proteins and vitamins. The plants in the ocean are a good source of algin. It is extracted from the brown algae. They are also a good source of carrageenin, diatomite, funoran and agar. The agar is extracted from the red algae. The carrageenin and funoran are also extracted from the red algae. There are certain medicines which are derived from it. The petroleum and natural gas are also derived from the ocean. They are a good reserve of the fossil fuels too. U.K has become one of the major exporters of petroleum. Our country has a large reserve of petroleum and the natural gas. The Bombay high is a good source of it. There are multiple mineral concentrates in the oceans which are referred as nodules and are rich in manganese. These are also known as the manganese nodules. They may also contain the other metals. They are present in the Pacific Ocean and in the coastline of our country. It has been planned by our government to explore and extract these nodules. The ocean waves can also generate the electricity. They help in the transport of man and other materials from one part of the world to other. The desalination of sea water can also form the fresh water. The fresh water can also be obtained from the icebergs.

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