What is salination of soil?

The increase in concentration of salts in soil which are soluble lead to the process of salination. It depends on many factors. The poor drainage of soil leads to the accumulation of salts on the surface of soil. It may happen during the flood. The quality of irrigation water also plays a crucial role. In arid areas the ground water is saline. The irrigation water is rich in soluble salts. The salts can move from the lower to upper layers by the capillary action. It happens in the summer season. The increase usage of fertilizers may also add up to the salt content of soil. The salt is transported from one area to the other with the help of wind. It occurs mainly in the arid area. The parent nature of rock material decides whether the soil is alkaline or acidic. Our country has 6 million hectares of saline land and in Punjab alone around 6 to 8 thousand hectares of land becomes unfit for agriculture every year.

Category: Pollution

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