What is air pollution?

The air pollution is also known as the atmospheric pollution. The W.H.O defined it as the presence of materials in the air which are harmful to the living beings when they cross their threshold concentration levels. The foreign bodies, gases etc. act as an air pollutant. The chemical plants occur in the refineries, paper mills, ceramics, fertilizers, clay and in the glass manufacture. The important pollutants involved are the fluorides, vapors, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. The crop spraying occurs in the pest and weed control. The important pollutants involved are the lead, arsenic, hydrocarbons and organophosphates. The fuel burning occurs in the domestic and power plants. The important pollutants involved are the sulphur and nitrogen oxides. The metallurgical plants and nuclear devise involves the refineries, steel plants and bomb explosions. The important pollutants involved are the lead and zinc fumes along with the radioactive fallout. The ore preparation and transportation occurs by the crushing, grinding, screening and car, trucks along with the railways. The important pollutants involved are the uranium, iodine, argon, CO, NO, lead and smoke. The waste recovery involves the scrap metals and rendering plants. The important pollutants involved are the smoke, soot, vapors and metal fumes. There are multiple causes of the air pollution. It involves the cosmetics, welding, crushing and grinding of stones and gems. The chemical processing play an important role in the air pollution. The processing of metals along with the combustion of fossil fuels also causes pollution. The pollutants which occur naturally are the pollen, spores, marsh and volcanic gas. In urban areas it is mostly caused by the automobiles. They account for more than 3/4th of the noise and air pollution. In some areas the industries are more in number as compared to the other areas which may lead to the air pollution. It occurs in many parts of the Gujarat. The sources of air pollution are multiple. They can be mobile, stationary or industrial. In the stationary combustion sources like the burning of fuels is involved. The mobile combustion sources involve the automobiles, locomotives and aircrafts. The industrial sources involve the crushing, mixing and grinding.

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