What is the difference between a turtle and tortoise?

There are a lot of differences between a turtle and a tortoise. The tortoises are half terrestrial and are large in size. They are mainly in fresh water form and have a carapace which is ovoid in shape. The turtles are aquatic and are smaller in size. They are mainly in marine form and have a carapace which is of heart shape. The tortoise is also known as the testudo. The turtles are also known as chelone. The tortoise has no paddles and their head can show many movements. They are mainly vegetarian. The turtles have paddles and their head cannot show many movements. They are mainly vegetarian but some are non vegetarian too.

The sphenodon is also known as tuatara. It is almost a large lizard with the fusion of teeth to the jawbone. It is also referred as a living fossil. They have different skull and backbone. It has a third eye known as the light sensitive organ. They move at very low temperatures and live in burrows. They come at the night time and look for insects. They live on offshore islands.

There are very important lizards which are mentioned below. These are known as Gila monster. It is also known as the helodrema. It is a poisonous lizard which has scales. Their scale resembles a bead and is referred as the beaded lizard. They are mainly found in the America. The horn toad is also known as phyrnosoma. It is the spiny lizard. It occurs in America and Mexico. It is adapted to the desert and is known as desert lizard. The glass snake is also known as limbless lizard. It has the ability to break its own tail. There are different types of snakes which are known as North and South Indian glass snake. It also includes the European glass snake. The draco is also known as flying lizard. Its skin has membranous parachute and is supported by ribs. They move from one tree to the other. It occurs in the forest of Kerala and Assam. Some of the species also occurs in the Malaysia and Burma. The Varanus is also known as monitor lizard. It occurs in the India and West Bengal. They have a large trunk and a long neck and tail. They have a long tongue and it is protrusible. They are good climber and predator. It has the largest living lizard known as Komodo dragon. It may extend up to 3 meters. It also occurs on the island of Malaysia. The chameleons are arboreal and have a tongue to catch the prey. They occur in Africa and India. Their tail is long. They can change the color according to the surroundings. The calotes is also known as the garden lizard. It is also referred as girgit. It is arboreal and has the ability of its head and neck to turn red. Its trunk becomes a yellow and the males perform a courtship dance. The uromastix is also known as the spiny tailed lizard. It is called sanda and sanha in Hindi and Punjabi. The oil is extracted from the fat bodies and is used in the treatment of muscle pain. The hemidactylus is also known as wall lizard. It is also known as gecko. It is carnivorous and has the phenomena of autotomy and has the ability to loss her part of body when it is attacked. It is nocturnal and hibernates in the winter. The tail regenerates. It has finger and toe. They are not poisonous and they attack insects and feed on them. The toe of a rigid lamellae forms adhesive pads which work on vacuum cup principle. It helps the animal to move on ceiling and surfaces.

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