What is the difference between a frog and toad?

There are many differences between a frog and toad. The frog has a triangular head with olive brown color body. It is diurnal and lays eggs in masses. They do not have a parotid gland but have well developed webs, while the toads have a semicircular head with brown grey color body. It is nocturnal and lays eggs in lines. They have a parotid gland which are 2 in number but have no well developed webs. The frog has moist and smooth skin. It acts as a respiratory organ and has many mucous glands. They are mostly aquatic and hardly come on land. The skin of toad is dry and rough and has no role to play in respiration. There are very few mucus glands. They are mostly terrestrial and come to water for copulation.

Category: Phylum Chordata

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