Write a short note on the biotic community?

The biotic community is defined as a collection of different populations which reside at one place. They interact with one other in many ways. It includes pond community, lawn community, and forest and grass land community. In some cases plants, animals and the microbes are studied separately. They are known as plants, animals and the microbe community respectively. The biotic community is dominated by one of the character. It determines the nature of community. It can be biotic or abiotic. There is a frugivorous community which is also known as the fruit eating community. It includes the fruit eating animals such as insects, rodents and bats.

The population cannot be isolated. One population depends upon the other population for survival. The food, shelter and oxygen are provided by the plants to animals. The animals get carbon dioxide, food and pollination from the plants. There are certain features of the biotic community which include trophic organization, stratification, dominance, variety of species and the interactions between different species. A trophic organization is a chain of producers, consumers and decomposers. One of the species dominates out of all the different species. The population of each species has a particular stratum which is defined as a grouping of plants in well defined layers. The members of different species also interact with each other.

There are a lot of differences between a genus and community. The different species constitute a genus. They have a common ancestory and occur in different geographical areas. They do not have a functional relationship. The different populations constitute a community. They do not have a common ancestory and occur in the common geographical areas. They do not have a functional relationship which may be direct or indirect.

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