Explain the fasciola of platy helminthes which belongs to non chordate phyla?

The fasciola is also known as liver fluke. It belongs to class trematoda. It occurs in the liver of sheep and goat. Snail is the intermediate host .It feeds on bile, blood and lymph of the host. The anus is absent. The indigested food is ejected through the mouth. They have anaerobic mode of respiration. The fluke is hermaphrodite. There is presence of cross fertilization and there are many larval stages. The anterior end of the body forms head which has oral sucker. There is another sucker known as ventral sucker which is present on ventral side. They help in attachment. There are many apertures on the body like mouth, genital pore and excretory pore. When an animal is infected with liver fluke especially the ship it affects its liver and interferes with the function of the body. It leads to liver rot which leads to muscular weakness and pain. The liver enlarges and blocks the bile ducts leading to the life threatening condition.

Category: Non Chordate

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