What Is Kingdom Fungi?

These are organisms without chlorophyll, have heterotrophic mode of nutrition. They are spore forming, avascular and eukaryotic organism. Their cell wall is made up of chitin. They store their food in the form of glycogen. They are present almost everywhere. Mycology is the branch of biology which deals with the study of fungi. As they do not have chlorophyll they are not able to make their own food. They may also act as parasite or saprotrophs. They have wide variety of organisms which range from yeasts, fungi to mushrooms. The branch of science which deals with disease causing fungi is known as Fungal Pathology. Saprotrophic organisms are known as decomposer as their organic food comes from dead and decayed matter. They clean the environment and recycle mineral nutrients also. Micro organisms like bacteria and fungi are not active at low temperatures. So in order to protect food from fungi it should be placed in refrigerator as they have low temperature. Some of the fungi act as a symbiotic with lichen planus.

Category: Fungi

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