Definitions Of Some Keywords Used In Kingdom Fungi

Explain aspergillum, penicillin, nuerospora, erysiphae, cup fungi, ergot, morels and truffles of ascomycetes group of fungi?

Aspergillum affects food stuff and laboratory culture. It is basically a green mould. Aspergillum also causes lung, ear infection. It also causes fermentation by releasing alcohol, citric acid, enzymes, proteins and enzymes.

Penicillin is formed by P. chrysogenum. Its use is commercial and griseofulvum species give rise to anti fungal drug called griseofulvin. It forms organic acids and helps in maturation of cheese. It also spoils the food.

Nuerospora is also known as pink bread mould.

produces powdery mildew.

of rye is produced by claviceps purpurea. Ingestion of infected cereals leads to ergotism. It can be gangrenous or spasmodic. The sclerotia contain lysergic acid. Ergot is basically used to control migraine pain, large prostrate glands. In cup fungi ascocarp is cup shaped.

Morels are edible ascocarps which have sponge like conical cap.

Truffles are also edible ascocarps.

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