Write a short note on the natural resources?

The man is the most dominant animal of the biosphere. It has well developed physical and mental features. He has nice skills to manipulate the things and make tools which are essential for survival now days. He is a social animal. He has the ability to read and write. He can speak and can express himself. He can domesticate the animals. He belongs to the faculty of reason. All these features have made him the most dominant animal of our sphere. He has the ability to manipulate the environment according to his requirement. He needs more comfort and security. He uses a lot of energy and material to meet its requirements. He makes his own socio cultural environment with the natural environment. He has the ability to develop certain skills and tools. The growth of society depends on him and plays a crucial role in the development of human power. So, man is also known as the social and cultural animal. The human species has evolved slowly and from many stages. These include the hunting, fishing, and gathering of food, agricultural and industrial process. They have made man powerful and have the ability to manipulate the environment. They change the environment into noosphere which is also known as the mind region or mind area. He uses the environment according to his mind and does not care about the other organisms. The source of supply which is in reserve and includes the wealth, goods and organisms is referred as natural resources. They can make the hydrosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere. These are essential for life. They also include the water, plants, minerals, animals etc. The resources are not static and keep on changing with the society. There are certain societies in the Andaman group which do not utilize the uranium, gold and silver. These are not the resources for them. These may be resources for the other society. The uranium is used in the nuclear energy and gold is an important source of ornament.

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