Write a short note on the layers, composition and role of atmosphere?

The atmosphere is defined as a gaseous envelope which covers the earth. It consists of many layers. These include the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere.

The troposphere extends from the earth to up to 10 kilometer.

The stratosphere extends from 10 to 60 kilometer. In this the temperature is directly proportional to the height.

The mesosphere extends from 60 to 100 kilometer. In this the temperature is not directly proportional to the height.

The thermosphere extends from 6 100 kilometer onwards. In this the temperature is directly proportional to the height.

There is a layer known as the exosphere which is the outermost layer and merges with the space. These layers are separated by the tropopause, mesopause and stratopause. The atmosphere is made up of many gases. It includes the nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide etc. The nitrogen is the most common gas and is inert in nature. It forms around 80 percent of the environment. The oxygen forms around 20 percent of the total gases which is followed by the carbon dioxide and the other inert gases. It also contains the water vapor, gases and dust particles. The stratosphere also consists of ozone layer. It is also known as the ozonosphere. It protects the organisms from the harmful radiations. The air helps in the locomotion of animals, birds and bats. It provides the oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It helps in the dispersal of seeds, fruits and spores. It helps in the aviation transport and transmission of the sound among animals. The circulation of air plays a vital role in changing the climate conditions. They also play an important role in the water cycle. The use of manmade satellite is multipurpose. It is used in the communication, monitoring of the weather and in the research. They keep an eye at the high altitudes. The ionosphere has multiple ions and electrons. They reflect the radio waves back to the earth. The pollution has an adverse effect on the environment.

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