Write a short note on the green house effect of biosphere

It is defined as a process of having a high temperature in the green house although it receives fewer radiations than the outside. It occurs due to the high concentration of carbon dioxide and vapor content. The glass walls are also included under it. They allow the short wave radiations to enter the house. There is almost no dissipation of energy as the longer heat waves cannot penetrate through the carbon dioxide and vapor. It leads to the warmer dust and cloudy nights as compared to the dry nights. The gas such as carbon dioxide is known as the green house gas as it is transparent to the solar radiations but have the ability to absorb infra red waves. These are also known as the long waves. The carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has increased which may be attributed to the increase in the temperature of atmosphere. This effect is known as the green house effect. It melts the ice and increases the sea level.

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