Write a short note on the fresh water resources?

The earth is mainly formed by the water. It makes more than the 80 percent of the earth surface. The earth is also known as the water planet. The water resources are of different types. They can be fresh water or ocean water resources.

The fresh water resources occur in the rivers, lakes, ponds and streams. Their size may vary and may be small or large in size. The fresh water is an indispensable source of energy and forms around 80 percent of the body weight. It is essential for the survival of human race. It occurs in the form of rainfall. The average rainfall in India is more than 100 centimeter. However, in certain areas it is less than the 100 centimeter like deserts and the semi arid areas. The land under irrigation is nearly 50 million hectare and is likely to increase with the passing time. In India the ground water reserve is very huge. The rainfall adds nearly 3 million cubic kilometer of water in a year. The most of water goes into rivers and the rest of water goes underground. This is very helpful in the process of irrigation. The fresh water is used by the humans for many purposes. It is used in the drinking, bathing, washing and in the production of electricity. It helps to rear fishes and the other aquatic animals. It is used in the disposal of sewage and organic wastes. The industrial plants and the construction of houses are dependent on it. It is used in the irrigation of land. There are large fresh water reserves in India. But the fish production is very low in India.

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