What are the alternative sources of energy?

There are the other sources of energy. It includes the, solar energy and different types of power like nuclear, wind and hydroelectric. The energy from garbage and geothermal is also a good source of energy. The solar energy is the non exhaustible source of energy. There occurs no pollution. This is mainly used to heat water and to cook the meals. The hydro electric power is formed by the kinetic energy of water. There are number of power stations in India which are based on this power. They depend on rivers and canals. The sea tides also play a crucial role in the formation of tidal energy. There are some form of water which occurs on the earth as hot springs and form electrical power. It is also known as the geo thermal energy. There are many wind mills which are used by the people as a source of power and is used to pump water. The duration and quantity of the wind is not static. It differs from place to place. So, they differ in function from place to place. The nuclear energy is formed by the fusion and fission of atoms. The nuclear fusion involves the combination of two nuclei of an atom. The fission involves the splitting of nuclei. A large amount of energy is liberated. A 1 molecule of uranium 235 can generate an energy which is equal to the burning of 15 tons of coal or 14 barrels of crude oil. The atomic power stations are located in the different parts of our country. They are present in the Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The waves in the sea are also used to liberate energy and are referred as a tidal energy. The cooking and heating in the villages is done by the use of cattle dung. A new gobar gas plant technique is very popular in India. It is also known as the biogas. This dung forms an odorless gas which has low pressure. It is used for heating and cooking and it’s left out is used as a manure. The wood is also an important source of energy and is known as the wood energy. The liquid hydrogen is also an important source of energy and is pollution free. The garbage production is the highest in America and half of this is in paper form. The rest of is in the form of plastics, papers and bones etc. So, the waste is also beneficial.

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