What Are Mycorrhizae?

These organisms provide a link between fungus and plants. Fungal hyphae occur in root of mycorrhizae. These roots are quite different from normal root structure. There are no root caps and hairs. The roots are present where there is lot of organic matter. A fungus can form association with other fungi also. They can break the cell wall of plants. They can move to the cortical area of root. The remaining areas are not affected. Mycorrhizae can be of two types that is ecto and endo type. Ecto mycorrhizae are mainly present on the surface of root. The remaining part resides in the spaces of cortex. While endo mycorrhizae resides mainly in spaces of cortex and minor part lies on surface. Fungus depends on food and shelter from plants. The fungal hyphae can be intracellular or intercellular. These are intercellular where sugar and food are excreted. In contrasting case where there is no excretion they are intracellular. Fungus plays an important role for the growth of plants. If they are not present some plants lose their growth. They absorb water and inorganic salts. They dissolve the minerals and transfer them to plants. It also secretes some growth promoting materials.

Category: Fungi

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