What is Science?

The word science is actually taken from a Latin word Scientia which means “to know”. Our age is the age of science, we can not even think about living without the scientific inventions. But the question is how this all developed? The answer lies in human’s psychology: – All humans have a natural instinct of being curious and this curiosity has helped humans to invent some break through technologies. Science has many definitions and some of the definitions given by prominent scientists are:-

Science is not just a collection of laws, a catalogue of unrelated facts. It is a creation of human mind, with its freely invented ideas and concepts. “
– Albert Einstein

“Science is a method for describing, creating and understanding human experience.”
– Bruce Lindsay.

“The two processes, that of science and that of art are not very different. Both science and art, form in the course of centuries, a human language, by which we can speak about the more real part of reality.”
– Heisenberg

Different people have different definitions of science but in general terms we can define science as the knowledge gained by humans by continuous experimentation and observations.

Science is broadly classified as

1) Physical Sciences – This deals with non living objects. Example – Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology etc.

2) Biological Sciences – This deals with living objects. Example – Botany, Zoology, Forensic science etc.

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