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Valence Energy band: In this energy band there are large no of free electrons available. Filling of the valence band can be partial or complete. These bands never get empty. The major disadvantage of the electrons present in this band is that these electrons are unable ...

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To study the energy bands of the solids first we have to the study the Bohr’s atomic theory. According to Bohr’s theory the energy in different atoms vary with the change in shells and sub shells. In simple words we can say that different energy ...

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Three basic types of crystals are: 1. Single Crystals 2. Poly Crystals 3. Liquid Crystals 1. Single Crystals: Those crystals in which patterns are regular throughout the whole crystal are known as single crystals. The variation in size of single crystals is from centimeter to few centimeters. Some single crystals are of very ...

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Depending upon the shape of the unit cells, the grouping of the crystals is done in seven systems known as crystallographic systems. Type Lattice Constants Example Cubic a=b=c Ag, Li, Nacl Orthorhombic a!=b!=c HgCl2 Monoclinic a!=b!=c KClO3 Triclinic a!=b!=c K2Cr2O7 Hexagonal a=b!=c Quartz, Zn Rhombohedral a=b=c Caco3 Tetragonal a=b!=c White tin

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The smallest part of a crystal is called as unit cell. It is formed by combination of atoms and molecules. The whole crystal structure can be formed by the repetition of these unit cells.

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To get a complete shape of solid, its atoms, molecules or ions must be placed at some particular places or points. A crystal lattice basically tells us about the basic structure of those points. After the correct placement of atoms on those points the original ...

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Properties of crystalline solids: 1. These solids have a particular three dimensional geometrical structure. 2. The arrangement order of the ions in crystalline solids is of long order. 3. The strength of all the bonds between different ions, molecules and atoms is equal. 4. Melting point of crystalline solids is extremely sharp. Mainly ...

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Solids are the materials having definite volume and shape. Solids can be described in two different categories. These are discussed below: 1. Crystalline solids 2. Amorphous Solids In solids, the atoms and molecules are bound with strong forces. This strong force attraction results in the appropriate shape of solids. Crystalline ...

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