What is Noise Pollution?

The noise pollution is defined as the unwanted sound which is released into the environment. It disturbs the human being and cause an adverse effect on the mental and psychological well being. It is measured in the units of decibels and is denoted by the dB. The noise which is more than 115 dB is tolerant. The industrial limit of sound in the industries must be 75 dB according to the world health organization. A type writer can produce a sound at 60 dB. There are different sources of the noise pollution and include the agriculture machines, industries which produce a sound and the use of entertaining equipment, crackers, the blasting of dynamite, bull dozing, stone crushing, defense equipments and textile mills.

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7 Responses to " What is Noise Pollution? "

  1. cairen says:

    Noise pollution is becoming big problem for all of us. we have to control this problem by our own efforts.

  2. Saliha says:

    Need some pictures also.

  3. Saliha says:

    This site has helped me in doing my physics holiday homework.

  4. akam says:

    Noise pollution cannot just be controlled.. In our every day life we need almost everything that produces noise as cars, machinery etc etc. A higher authority like the government itself should enact a law or completely transform our present machines to produce low noise.

  5. Hafiz Lamin Hassan says:

    This definition really charmed me and it was very helpful.

    Thanks to the publisher of the definition

  6. Arutselvan says:

    This site doing good job. If you can please send me the rules against loud speakers.

  7. astalvan says:

    A great site for doing home works but need pictures

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