What Are The Different Methods To Control Malaria?

Malaria is quite common in India. There are many programme started by government of India to control malaria. The most common is National Malaria Eradication Programme known as NMEP. It is divided into two parts, first part deals with elimination of parasite along with its larvae and second part consists of prophylaxis which means prevention.

Mosquito are mainly eliminated by the use of insecticides. D.D.T is the most common insecticide used for this purpose. The destruction of larvae occurs by proper drainage. Stagnant water must be treated with kerosene oil. As oil do not allow larvae to breath. Insecticide such as DDT, DDD can also be helpful for the destruction of larvae. Some ducks and fishes as Gambusia act against mosquito larvae, as the larvae provide food for these species.

Prophylaxis includes protection, reduction and use of drugs. For protection against mosquito bite nets should be used along with the use of repellant cream and oils. Health should be maintained which causes reduction of chances of infection. Anti malarial drugs like quinine, paludrine and chloroquinine must be used. Quinine is made from cinchona tree and is the oldest drug to be used in malaria

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  1. Michael sarah... says:

    Malaria is very harmful to the body people should be able take care of their surroundings and prevent anything that can cause malaria,like clearing our drained not pouring water or any liquid around the house,by using insecticide ,mosquito net

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