Explain Reproduction In Protists?

In Kingdom Protista organisms show both the modes of reproduction that is sexual as well as asexual. Asexual method includes fission, plasmotomy, spore formation and budding. In Binary Fission a parent bacteria undergo mitosis and give rise to two individual cells. In multiple fission parent bacteria cell give rise to multiple individual cells. Plasmotomy it occurs in multi nucleate protista. In this bacteria divides without the division of nucleus. Only cytoplasm divides. The off springs are also multi nucleate. Spore formation occurs which is quite common. Spores are covered by a layer which protects them from high alterations in temperature. Budding is relative new method of reproduction. In this a small growth occurs on parent body which develops into new individual.

Sexual Reproduction
started from protists. In this there is formation of gamete. Along with this meiosis occurs which reduces the chromosome number. It leads to formation of zygote along with fusion of gametes referred as Fertilization. Syngamy and Conjugation are two methods of sexual reproduction. In syngamy there is permanent fusion of gametes to produce a zygote. It can be iso, aniso and oogamy. Iso stands for similar gametes, aniso means dissimilar gametes and oo means immobile gametes and gamy stands for fusion. In conjugation there is temporary union of gametes to form a zygote.

Life cycle
is defined as cycle of events which occur from one generation to the other. There are mainly two types of life cycles one is concerned with zygotic meiosis and other deals with gametic meiosis. Zygotic meiosis occurs in bi flagellates and slime moulds which are of cellular types. In this case zygote is divided by meiosis and produces vegetative cells. These cells divide by mitosis and form gametes. Later gamete fuses and form zygote. In gametic meiosis gametes are produced by meiosis. They lead to formation of Zygote. They occur in slime moulds of acellular types.

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