Write a short note on the grassland region of biomes?

The grasslands consist of the different types of grasses and the non graminaceous herbs. It also consists of the bushes and few trees. The grass lands are of multiple types. They are given the different names in the different countries. They are known as prairies in Canada and America, steppes in Eurasia, tussocks in the Newzealand. They are known as the velds and pampas in South Africa and South America respectively. The prairies are differentiated into the long, short or medium type. They occupy a major part of land. They have a flat topography. The grassland is converted into the cropland. They have a continental type of climate. The winters are cold and the summers are hot. The rainfall is around 50 centimeter. The bush fires occur occasionally. There are long dry periods and they help in the maintenance of grasslands. The flora and fauna are rich. They have a short dominant plants and tall grasses. The productivity is around twelve hundred kilo calorie per meter square per year. The animals included in this area are insects, birds, herbivore, mule, deer, sheep, antelope, wolves and owl etc.

Category: Ecosystem

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